Learner-Centred Learning in Youth Circus (LCL)

Started - 14/06/2019 | Ended - 07/10/2021

Project Description

LCL includes methods of teaching that shifts the focus of instruction from the teacher to the student, focusing on skills and practices that enable lifelong learning and independent problem solving. The exchanges were aimed at experienced multidisciplinary Circus teachers.

The European LCL project assumed that circus promotes empowerment, participation and active citizenship, and wants to analyse “The role of the trainer in the use of circus as a means of working with youth in different countries in Europe”. As part of the project, there were exchanges, that aimed to explore the potential of experiential learning methodologies in developing technical progression in circus disciplines, without losing the approach centred on the growth of the participants.

Participants explored the following:

  1. LCL as a method for empowerment in technical circus skills
  2. Sharing good practices and methodologies
  3. Developing their own teaching methodology
  4. Using LCL in multidisciplinary practices
  5. Self-evaluating, and rationalising their own circus pedagogy


  • Training week 1 Gschwend, Germany September 2019
  • Training week 2 Toulouse, France March 2020
Downloadable – PDF LCL Booklet